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14th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials – ISFGMS 2016


The increasing demand for improved performance of materials under severe conditions, for expanding application areas of known materials and for reduction of the material and energy footprint of advanced products calls for materials with unique structures in addition to a specific chemical composition. Tailoring the structure with the help of functional gradients or unique building blocks in metamaterials enables specific functionalities at different geometrical scales. Such materials are designed with embodied continuous spatial variations in composition and microstructure for the specific purpose, e.g., for adjusting their mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical, biological or multi-functional response to specific application conditions.
The desired functional profile is often achieved with multi-material composites, characterized by a specific distribution of different materials and microstructures, with different sizes and shapes, with passive and active functionalities. Such materials can even include autonomous energy harvesting, storage and conversion properties, in addition to adequate mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, chemical or biologic responses, configuring a so called multifunctional behavior. These structure-dominated multi-phase materials are best understood through a comprehensive multiscale modelling approach. Their processing and characterization requires new methodologies and techniques. They have a wide range of application including, for example, biomedical, automotive, aerospace, mechanical, civil, energy and transportation engineering applications.
The main objective of the 14th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials (ISFGMs) is to provide opportunities for exchange of ideas, discussion and improvement of the state of the art theory, modelling and synthesis techniques, applications and recent developments in the areas of functionally graded materials and metamaterials, through plenary lectures, oral presentations and posters.


The conference topics will include the following aspects of Functionally Graded Materials and Metamaterials for Multiscale and Multifunctional Structures:

  • Material concepts & design criteria for FGMs and Metamaterials
  • Synthesis and Processing
  • Characterization, structure and functionality
  • Mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties, other functionalities
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Bio-inspired & Biomaterials
  • Applications
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)